Day 222 of Donate:365

I soooooo feel like I should be quoting song lyrics or something inspirations. But alas, words escape me.

If you have any encouraging thoughts, lyrics or sayings to share, please post them. Let’s encourage each other.

I seriously need nicer photos to post, but I’m too lazy to upload them and my camera on my 1st generation Windows phone is simply not all that. They upgraded it to like 40 megapixels on the new one THANK GOD! Probably got a thousand complaints.

For today, I got rid of three things to take me through Monday since I have a bazillion things to do this weekend. If I do end up donating anything extra, I will be sure to let you know by posting a ridiculously terrible photo to my blog and tweeting all about it. LOL

BTW, if you are on twitter, so am I! Let’s connect! @BC_Chelle

So, for today, I’ve passed on a rug, a black shirt (yes, another one.) and a black skirt (yes, another one of those as well.)

Do you see why I need to downsize my closet?

But, I am getting there! I realized today that pretty much everything I have is clean!!!!! Except what I wore this week which mostly consisted of jeans and T-shirts since I was cleaning things out. God is good!

I will continue to go through things of course. And, I fear part of my closet has turned into the Bermuda Triangle so a search and recovery mission will commence next week.

I can feel the burden continuously lifting. Praise God. May He guide me in the process of freedom from my junk!

Be blessed, y’all!

Mercy, peace and love be yours in abundance. ~Jude 1:2



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