Day 225 of Donate:365 – I’m on a roll!

In the spirit of donating unneeded items, I’m giving away four things today!

Some day it just flows. Others, I’m at a stand still turning in circles in our home trying desperately to decide what I could live without.

So, for today, I’m getting rid of:

1. A black T-shirt with a band name on it.(Still like the band. Don’t need the shirt.)

2. A pair of dark green pants that shouldn’t be capris, but are. :/

3. A mug from my travels to San Diego for business a bazillion years ago when I lived in the corporate bubble. My heart is racing — not in a good way — just thinking about it.

4. Another mug from a business trip to Miami. I at least had fun at this one. Visited South Beach. Saw the beach (It was colder there than it was in Dallas.) And, experienced some pretty fun stuff all expenses paid. God is GOOD!

Today has been pretty successful on the donation front IMO. Oh! I almost forgot! On Saturday, we had bulk trash drop off so I got rid of EVERYTHING that I couldn’t donate or put in our trash can here. GOD IS FAITHFUL! Boy, do I feel good!

More to go!

I’m on my way. Simplicity is for me and how my heart thrives. I want nothing in my way of living my life to the fullest. Sometimes to have life, you have to give things away.

Be blessed today! Happy giving!



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