Donate:365 – 14 Days Ago!!!

I can’t believe it’s been 14 days since I last posted!

Well, actually I can. 

Ya see, I’ve become somewhat overwhelmed on this little adventure. I seem to dwell in a hoarders paradise. Please know that I by no means intend to diminish the severity of hoarding tendencies or make light of them. I’m simply stating that I –in fact–seem to be a hoarder. 

But, I don’t like it, so…

I’m debating on some further tactics to tackling all this stuff. 

1) I will continue on and be better motivated to get rid of one thing a day and post a photo for encouragement. 

2) I may implement new techniques to enhance Donate:365, including boxing up items for a specific period of time to see if I use them/miss them. 

3) I will continue to encouragement myself in knowing that I am at my own pace and no one else’s. 🙂 

I love what God is doing through this. I love that I have something to post about. I love that I can pass along our treasures to someone who will love them. 

We have a lot of treasures. LOL 

But, God is so much bigger than all this stuff, and HE will help me get through it. AMEN!

Have a blessed and joy-filled day today! Keep donating! Be motivated and Donate:365!


To learn how this all began, read my first post here. 


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