Day 262 of this blessed journey of Donate:365

Blue Butterfly by Archangel Productions

Sometimes we just gotta sit back and watch how mighty, big, and strong our God is.

I had this huge post ready. I saved it a bazillion times. I had everything spell checked and edited. I even published it. And, when I went to view it…

It was gone.

Only my snazzy title and my sweet little tags remained.

Oh well. Guess God didn’t like that post. LOL

So here I am again to tell you that this journey is amazing. Getting rid of stuff and seeking God is the only way to live. I’m growing closer to God every day as I relinquish my stuff to Him. Today, I’m getting rid of stress. I can’t handle it anymore, and it’s not my burden to bear.

Lord God, I cast all my anxieties on you for you care for me. You bless me. And, wish for me to have an abundant life. I want to walk in strict obedience to your will and your ways. Amen.

I need to call on Him tonight. I have a lot to do. He is stretching me and I love it. TRUST HIM. If you are in a place where God is seriously working in your life all I can say is TRUST HIM. It may be painful. Change usually is. He promises to be by your side. He always is.

He loves us. SO much. He only wants what’s best for us. And, if we truly trust Him and allow His will to be done, He promises to reward us. I want all His rewards.

God bless y’all today. And, keep posting and donating. Chime in in the comments section and let me know how you are doing. I’ve gotten rid of 262 things!!! Can you believe it??!?!?!?



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