No more. No Less.

Have you ever felt like you have nothing to say?

Like nothing you say matters and there is just no point?

I’m kinda feeling that way these days.

But, not in a bad way.

You see…

I may be going through a mid-life crisis. Or, I may be getting to a higher level of understanding of what God has for me, but I truly do not seek to be heard, seek to be seen, or seek to be understood anymore.

I do not wish to fit in. I do not wish to be have friends. I do not wish to be popular.

I simply want to stay home.

Not in a poor, poor pitiful me depressed way, but in a serene, content, fulfilled way.


It’s weird to be here. Where everything seems crazy these days — wars, storms, suicides — I find contentment by simply being.

God is so good. If you know Him and accept His love for you, you truly can have all things. You can be content on the lack and the plenty. You can have contentment in the midst of the activities of today.

I am so complete. I still have a long way to go and much to do it seems (praise God). But, right where I am I am complete.

Have you ever felt this feeling?

It is strange to me, too. Putting my trust in God to see all things His way.


He is in control, and He has made me whole. Thank you, Lord.

Trust Him. The more Intrust Him, the more I see His will for my life. I would have it any other way.

Whatever He wants, I want. No more. No less.

I have a busy day tomorrow. When you live in God’s will, He definitely shows you the things He has for you to do.

Be blessed tonight, everybody. I love you, and God loves you. Allow Him to embrace you tonight.

May God bless you more than you could ever ask or think.



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