Donate:365: Day 317 – True freedom comes from true submission


I am in total shock and awe that today is Day 317 of this glorious journey that God has me on.

Again, I say wow!

I’ve gone through a lot of changes this year. It seems like only a few days ago I started this journey. God has surely shaken my foundation, showed me my fruits, and allowed me to fall, get up, listen, and obey along the way.

But, One things for certain:

I’m a survivor, a minimalist — at heart anyway — and a much better person for this journey.

I can’t wait to see what God has for me next!!!

You may be asking, “But, Chelle, have you given anything away lately?” And, in reality, my answer is no. But, have I reorganized and maintained a measure of spatial sanity?


Have I uncovered where to put things in a new way so my home isn’t as cluttered?


Have a mastered this art of simple living and acquired a minimalistic lifestyle?



Will I ever?

Probably not. But, I’m willing to keep trying.

You see, every day is a journey. A journey to better ourselves. A journey to create in us the life God intended for us to have in the first place. He is the creator and perfecter of our faith. And, I have faith that there is more to life than this. Than the mundane. Than the day-to-day that society has deemed normal. I don’t know about you but I want EVERYTHING God has for me. I want what He wants. I want His desires to be my desires. That’s all.

Nothing more.

Nothing less.

What do you want tonight? Do your desires line up with God’s desires?

Maybe it’s time you asked Him.

Be blessed today, and earnestly seek to become the person God created you to be. True freedom comes from true submission.

God bless y’all!



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