Donate:365 — Day 319

Hey, everybody!!!

Welcome to Day 319 of Donate:365! (If you’re new here and want to know how this all began, click here.

Today, I battled a bookshelf (aka junk shelf) in our bedroom. We are still at war, but I WILL WIN!

My downfall is notebooks. I love notebooks. I organize everything in them. I store things in them.

They are actually quite handy.

Unless you can’t throw them away!

So, I went through the plethora of notebooks on our bookshelf. Some I need to keep — important papers, true treasures, etc…

But, others — WOW! It’s time to give some things away! So, I cleaned them out, recycled the papers, and will donate the binders.


What have you removed from your life today? Let’s take a collective breath of freedom on 3!


Ahhhhh do you feel that sigh of relief?

I do! Praise Jesus for His freedom! Our possessions should not burden us! Let’s live as God intended!



Today, part of my donations included these books and a random shirt I found. Praise Jesus!


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