Donate:365 – Day 324 – Giving Up the “Have To’s”

I’m giving them up.

The “Have To’s.”

“Not the have to have that new purse,” or the “I have to have that new book”.

But, I’m giving up the I have to go to this meeting, or that place or see/talk to that person…

out of obligation.

Okay. Now. I’m not expecting you to give up your job, your family, etc…. We have obligations.

But, then there are those obligations we place on ourselves that burden us, cause us grief, and stress us out.

I’m guilty of those.

I have to serve on this committee.

I have to be in this organization.

I have to serve coffee at church….and DONUTS!

Ask yourself: Did God tell me to do this?

Or, did my ego take over?

Before I truly knew Christ and submitted my life to Him, I made many obligations to keep myself busy. Now, these obligations are stressing me out!

So, I’ve been praying. God is a God of His word and He expects us to do the same. My obligations conveniently end on December 31, 2014. 🙂

God has shown me what to do. We have obligations — that’s not a bad thing. But, are they from God? That’s the question to ask yourself. God doesn’t expect us to have crazy busy lives. He wants us settled and content with Him and Him only. Obligations do not bring happiness, God does.

So today, get rid of the “I must have to’s” in your life. And, tell me about them by hitting the comment link above this post.

Be blessed today! God bless!



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