Day 332 of Donate:365

The days are ticking away.

I can’t believe I’m already on Day 332 of this Donate:365 journey. To read where it all began, click here.

I’m blessed by this day, and I’m blessed by my readers. I pray this site encourages you to downsize and realize what is most important in your life — whatever that may be.

I am free. I am free to work as I please. I’m free to worship as I please. I am truly blessed by God our Creator. He loves us!

On this journey, I’ve gotten rid of one thing a day — or at least tried to. It seems to have take a turn, where now I am giving up emotional baggage more so than physical items. (Fine by me!) Donate:365 is your personal journey into minimalism — whatever that may be.

Yesterday, I put a bag of clothes in the car. It is still liberating to get rid of things. And, after almost a year of doing this, I still have a ways to go.

Today, I cleaned off my entire kitchen counter except for the microwave. It’s staying. I’m going to only put back the items I desperately need out. The rest will be conveniently stored or given away. I’m tired of stuff on my counter tops. Are you?

Counter tops are my enemy. They become storage collection facilities way to easily. Especially if you are a stacker like my husband and I tend to be. We are both guilty. Seriously. I could try to blame him, but then God would mad at me for lying and then where would I be?

So today, I tackle our kitchen counter. Tomorrow, it’s the book shelf’s top that is right beside our front door. (Having a “junk landing spot” right by your front door is simply the devil if you ask me.)

I have a lot of tackling to do, so I better get with it! God bless, y’all! Stay encouraged! And, Donate:365!



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