Day 335 of Donate:365

Today I felt compelled to go through my closet. It all started with this post. I went through my entire closet today, and found out a few things…

1) I really like scarves.

2) I evidently like red and black

3) I have a hard time getting rid of clothing.

4) I really like scarves…I mean seriously.

I solely focused on the items hanging in my closet. I’m leaving the scarves to a later date when I can truly see which ones I wear the most. I use them as accessories and wear them instead of necklaces, plus my mom made most of them so — as you can probably guess — those aren’t going anywhere. But, I will find a way to better organize them.

I also left my pajama drawer until next week. I only have one real drawer so that should be easy to tackle.

For today’s challenge, I literally took every item out of my closet and purposefully put it back. Some were easy Yes or No’s. Others, not so much. But, I did it! I have a pile of probably ten items that went immediately to the donation box. Except maybe these two shirts I am hung up on. I may box them up and see if I even think of them over the next three months to go with the challenge. I actually found a shirt stuffed on a shelf in my closet that I totally forgot about proving that “out of sight, out of mind” is so true at my house. I added it to the donation pile without a second glance. I love that!

So now, with my downsized closet, I’ve been thinking up wardrobe combos to best use the items I have in there. I don’t want to be drab, but I definitely don’t want clothes I don’t need busting out my wazoo! That sounds painful!

I also found out that I have a lot of coats. Who knew! I had no idea. Believe me. Doing an inventory of your closet is eye opening.

1) It’s keeps you grounded.

2)Makes you aware of what you have before you buy that next black jacket because you know you already have three at home.

3) Keeps you creative thinking up new ways to wear what you already have.

God is AWESOME! And, I am so glad He has me on this journey! Praise Him! Thanks for everyone’s encouragement on this journey. If you have need encouragement, comment below! I’m here for you!

God bless, y’all!





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