Donate:365 — Day 338 — Say it with me, “VHS”

Hey, all!

So, today, I had meetings after meetings after meetings. Next, I’m getting rid of meetings. But, before I do…

I’m on Day 338 of Donate:365. New here? Click this link to read about my journey from the beginning.

I’m sitting here thinking about what I got rid of today. Nothing I think. Okay, let me think…

Nope, nothing.

LOL On the Donate:365, I didn’t do much today. But, at least I am reporting in.

Wait! Well, I kinda gave these away yesterday, but I didn’t report in about them.

Say it with me — VHS tapes.

Yes. My family had a plethora of VHS tapes hidden in a drawer. Sad part —  some were really good movies. Even sadder part — What’s a VCR?

Just kidding. But, seriously. I haven’t had a VCR that’s worked in about 15 years. Our six year old did get a brief history lesson on what these giant black rectangles were used for. Let’s just say she was not amused.

So, the bag of forgotten video tapes has now been added to the ginormous pile I need to take by the donation site, when I don’t have a meeting.

Be blessed, you guys! See ya’ll tomorrow!



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