It’s seriously been 9 days since I posted??? Donate:365

Nine days!?!?!?!?

Well, let me catch you up on what I’ve been doing around here to downsize and better our lives.


Ha! Just kidding. I finally took all of the clothes from my Day 333 of Donate:365to the donation place. I didn’t keep it for three months, I just went ahead and passed it on. I did decide to keep two green shirts that I was regretting putting in the bag. But, that is what the challenge is about to me — to see what you really need/miss and to see what you don’t remember.

It all had to go, and now I am so happy with my closet! There is hardly anything in my side. LOVE IT!

And, it is way easy to wash my clothes now. One load of clothes I wash and hang up to dry. Nice!

I’m looking around today to see what I can get rid of. I’ve been doing a lot of straightening. I have some books I need to take back to their original owners and it just so happens I will see them today! Convenient!

Be blessed today and free your life from stuff. God bless!



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