Day 352 of Donate:365

As my Donate:365 journey comes to a close, I’ve been reminiscing about some of the things I’ve gotten rid of in the last 352 days.

More books

I’m not even sure where to start, I have something to tell y’all. I have so much more to give away. I feel like I’m a hoarder. But, I still have this inkling — this obsession — with getting a house one day. And, when you have a house, you have room for stuff. Not too much stuff. But, at least I’d have places for the stuff I have. Maybe. If not, then I will give it away.

I’m really discouraged about our bedroom. It’s like mayhem, chaos and discouragement all had a baby and our bedroom is the maternity ward. Stuff is everywhere. It’s depressing and discouraging, but I will get through this! One item at a time! That’s what Donate:365 is all about. Discovery. Discovering who you are. Who you truly are. What you like and dislike, and what means the world to you. That’s what this is all about.

Yesterday, I threw away a little lamp. I adore little lamps! I mean…who doesn’t, right? It was super cute — pink and white glass with a cute little hummingbird with this creepy red bead for an eye. But, it’s little wing (Good night I’ve said little a lot!) broke off and wouldn’t glue back right so in the trash it went! I’m proud of myself. Usually, I would keep it in hopes to repair it one day. But, not any more! It’s Donate:365!

So, if you’re been on this journey with me, please chime in. And, if it’s helped you get rid of stuff, let me hear all about it! Be blessed! And, happy downsizing!



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