Simple Snacks – Caramel Banana Pumpkin Seed Bites

About as easy to make as it is to say. LOL

They are delicious and totally worth the work.

First, gather your ingredients…

  1. Bananas
  2. Caramel syrup
  3. Pumpkin seeds (mine are roasted and salted for an unintentional salted caramel experience.)

Bananas, pumpkin seeds and caramel make for a yummy snack.

Next, I chopped the seeds and sliced the banana.


I coated the outside of each slice with caramel, then I rolled them like little wheels in the chopped pumpkin seeds. Be prepared for a hot mess. Not literally, but you know…


Voila! Deliciousness! You can tell the ones I tried really hard on and the ones when I just wanted to eat them. LOL I did one with whole seeds, but I like the look better of the chopped.



I hope you enjoyed this little Simple Snack. Super yum and good for ya!

God bless!



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