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DIY Lotion via Frugal Green Girl

I must admit, I usually tweak recipes. Mostly because I have to use trial and error due to inferior explanations.

Not with this one.

If you are a wannabe simple living expert like me, then you must check out Frugal Green Girl on YouTube. Her video’s are exceptional and her directions are flawless.

Today, I made homemade lotion thanks to Frugal Green Girl! Enjoy!

*My Special Tip: Use a 2-cup measuring cup. When your water reaches 120 degrees, pour your water into your oil until it reaches the 2-cup mark. This gives perfect lotion consistency IMO. Adjust as you see fit 😉


Hosanna! Hosanna in the Highest! – Great post to share

If you don’t follow EnglishRose2014, she’s a good person to follow. I came across this post yesterday and had to share. What a beautiful statement and reminder about what the upcoming weeks are about. Jesus is alive!

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via Hosanna! Hosanna in the Highest! – Great post to share.

Stuff, stuff and my lack of stuff

Along with MinCamp (, I’ve been praying about Project 333. I really want to do this. It is so freeing to me to only have a few items of clothing. Most significantly, my freedom does not seem to stem from fewer decisions to make, or to maximize my wardrobe, but it seems to stem from one thing…

I hate laundry.

Oh, to only have one load of laundry and all of my laundry would be done. I may even settle for one load of whites, one load of colors, and a load of towels.

Oh, to simplicity.

I think I will do it. I will start with the towels. How many towels does a person need anyway? Do I need a washcloth for every day of the week? Germaphobes need not answer this question. LOL

Off to assess my towel situation.

~Bohemian Christian Chelle

My Joy-less Life

Right now I am participating in MinCamp at

It’s been good. And, I get merit badges for a job well done. I’m a sucker for merit badges.

Yesterday was Day #3. My task: …to say yes to an event or task that makes you happy, and no to an event or task that’s dragging you down.

I sat with my calendar splayed  in my lap. Its pages dog earred and crinkled from only two months of wear. Could I get rid of anything?


Not that I really needed to. I downsized my life greatly when our beautiful little girl came to live with us. I cut out all my committees, my meetings, my extras that took up my time before I became a mom. Being a wife and mom — a godly one — is the most important thing to me.

But, one thing struck me — I had no joy in my schedule. Not one thing I could see that lit up my heart.


How sad it that?

Now, I’m not the type to schedule every part of my day. I can’t be that confined. But, I can add joy spontaneously to my calendar.

So, today I replanted all my baby seedlings into bigger accommodations. I wrote in my journal. I sat with my baby girl and read a book. All things that bring me joy. All things that only took a few minutes. All things that I did instead of watching TV.

God is good. Let’s add some joy to our lives. What lights up your heart?

Do it. :o)

And, share it with me below. I’d love to hear about your joy.

In Jesus’ name,

~Bohemian Christian Chelle

I love, love, love A Wardrobe Handmade and what she is doing for simple living. She inspired me to clean out more clothes and possibly sew something , which I thought I’d never do! Way to go my, Simple Living Soul Sister!

Special Announcement!

I am deeply humbled and honored that God has chosen my work for this project. This is a wonderful resource by Marney Makridakis. If you’d like more info, please comment below and follow the link provided. God bless! -Chelle


Spreading the Love with Killer Kale Pesto

Today, when I went to the WordPress site, one post caught my eye. My interest piqued, I clicked on the snazzy link and wanted to share it with you. Fun blog, great recipes and a simple-living point of view. Praise Jesus for like-minded bloggers.

Enjoy 🙂 and Killer Kale Pesto.