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So I came across the coolest thing – How to Waterproof Matches – Survival Babe™

I adore Cody Lundin. Some of you may know him from the television show Dual Survival. Attending one of Cody’s ALSS Trainings is on my bucket list, so of course whenever possible I pick up one of his books and peruse the pages for self-sustaining survival strategies. One of my favorite books to grab at the library — and to add to this year’s Christmas list — is

When All Hell Breaks Loose: Stuff You Need To Survive When Disaster Strikes.

I’m so excited about this book. It gives you real knowledge of what to do before you are in a survival situation. As, Cody says in the intro, don’t wait until you are standing in three feet of flood waters to open this book for the first time. Read it and prepare before emergencies happen.

One of my favorite things I discovered in his book is how to waterproof matches. What you need:

  • Strike-anywhere matches (Make sure they say strike anywhere on the box)
  • Candles
  • Something to shave/grate the candle wax with
  • A pot you don’t need to cook in again
  • An egg carton
  • Tweezers or needle-nosed pliers

First, punch little holes the exact size of your match sticks into the unused egg carton. This will be used to hold your matches upright during the drying process.

I used a knife to shave my candle in to small cooking pot. On a low heat, melt the wax. This is a low and slow process. Please heed my warnings:

DO NOT under any circumstance leave this pot unattended. Believe me. The scorch mark on my ceiling and the fun tale my hubby likes to share about my exploits proves my point here.

DO NOT stand directly over the pot while the wax is melting at any time.

DO NOT – and I mean do not – pour water in the pot should the pot catch on fire while you are melting the wax. (Yeah, I know. I know that now.)


When the wax is melted, roll a few match sticks at a time in the wax coating them thoroughly. Lift them out gently with your tweezers or needle-nose pliers, and place them all Operation Game style in the tiny holes you made in the egg carton. Done!

Wait until they dry and you have your very own waterproofed matches.

Thank you, Cody, for helping me survival should all jalapeno breaks loose! If you haven’t read Cody’s book, I highly suggest it!

Be blessed and less stressed!





Survivalist ≠ Prepper ≠ Paranoid

As you may know, I’m on a new adventure. Click here to learn all about it.

I’ve been thinking about the differences — to me — of Survivalist and Prepper.

I am a survivalist and a naturalist. More of a homesteader, maybe. I’m choosing to rewild myself and become closer to God, His creation, and the self-sustaining activities and lifestyle that our modern world has left behind. This is for me. Maybe not for you. But, keep reading.

I would not call myself a prepper. There is nothing wrong with being a prepper, but I do not feel I am one. I’m not stockpiling for a day when the world’s economic system collapses. I don’t have food stored up for five years, and I certainly don’t have enough ammo hidden to blow up the moon. But, you know, if God yields my heart to start the process, don’t think I won’t!

I’ve met a lot of people who find my passions and wannabe lifestyle exhausting and weird. I’ve met even more people who think prepping (or being prepared) is ridiculous and paranoid.

Being a prepper does not necessarily mean you are paranoid like going to church every Sunday doesn’t necessarily mean you are a Christian. (That’s right. I said it.)

I am all for being prepared. My family and I have a “bug out” bag we keep on hand when we travel. We’ve lived in Texas long enough to know that rest stops can be few and far between, and bad weather happens in an instant. If you’d like to know what we have in our bag, let me know. I’ll post it.

I’m all for trusting God. And, God gets us prepared. He will always tell you what you need to know. Just look at the bible. I am a survivalist. I want to know how to make fire, get water, what wild edibles are in fact edible and how to make shelter for me and my family. I’m doing this for my spirit, to make me whole. To be complete the way God intended me to be.

I’m so loving this new journey! Do you love what you are doing right now? What area is God showing you to yield to Him? It’s easy! Just do it!

God bless! Stay tuned for my next Survival Babe™ post. I’ll be discussing how to water-proof matches and if it really works!






I must admit, I was pretty hesitant to post this.

You see, I have a fascination with something that not many people know about. I’m actually a somewhat private person so I don’t share my passions all that often. But there is one thing that I adore and am obsessed with — well, besides Jesus!

I am a wannabe Survival Babe™

That’s right! I want to do all the Cody Lundin Aboriginal Survival Courses. I want to make fire with sticks. I want to see how much I really need to carry in a backpack to survive on my own. I am a wannabe Survival Babe™. And, I’m a minimalist/naturalist so you’ll have my spin on that, too.

So, as I committed last October 3rd to get rid of one thing per day for 365 days, starting today I commit to learning everything I can about survival techniques and share them with you over the next 365 days. A new season has begun!

In one year, I will no longer be a wannabe! That is my goal! I am so excited to share this new journey with you.

If you’re curious about what I did last year, here’s the original post.

Be blessed! And, keep focusing on what truly matters to you.