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Heat, Worship Bands and 1,000 Square Feet

Today we sat out in the heat for six hours listening to worship bands.

It was wonderful! Really. I love music. I love worshiping Jesus. And, I especially love supporting my husband while he praises. (He’s an anointed musician.)

But, as I worshiped and sweated, one thing plagued my thoughts: 1,000 square feet.

Let me tell you I was surprised. Why, in the middle of a heat-soaked day, did I keep thinking about 1,000 square feet?

You see, my husband, daughter and I live in about 1,000 square feet. To read all about here, click here.

We originally lived in a three-bedroom, two-bath house in North Texas. We’ve been paying for storage units to house the stuff — the immense amounts of stuff we planned on using when we built a new home in Central Texas. If you’ve been following our minimalist journey, you know that we chose to live in community with family instead of getting a mortgage so I can now stay home with our daughter.

But, one thing has plagued me today: We still have immense amounts of stuff.

We’ve been cleaning out the storage units in an attempt to save money. Why, oh why, should I pay to store STUFF!?!? It’s mind boggling to me. Society has told us we need so much stuff that we can’t fit all of our stuff in our houses.


So, I’ve been going through box after box this week. My minimalist kitchen in now a pack-rats haven filled with boxes and crumpled newspaper. If I was a rat, I’d be in heaven all cozy in my mess.

I hate it.

I think that’s why I was so plagued today but our 1,000 square feet. We still have so much stuff. What more can I give away?

A lot more, evidently. It’s so disheartening. I’ve been on this path for so long. Will I ever see the minimalist end?

I guess I’m back to being ruthless. But, I like stuff. At least some stuff. Too much stuff gives me grief.

Will it ever end?

~Bohemian Christian Chelle

1000-square-feet of Community

Less space inside means more space outside.

Less space inside means more space outside.

Could you live in 1,000 square feet? I would think a lot of you would say yes, but…

According to a March 20, 2013, press release from the National Association of Home Builders: “Estimates indicate that the median size of all single-family homes started in 2012 was 2,309 square feet, and the average was 2,521 square feet.”

To view the release, click here.

2,521 square feet.

The house I grew up in is 1,713 with three bedrooms, two baths, a living room, a den, a dining room and a kitchen.

It’s too big for me. And, I only live in 2/3’s of it.

You see, my husband, daughter and I live in community with my mom. When we returned to my hometown in 2008, we hoped to build our dream home. Three bedrooms, a large kitchen, a great room for family and friends, a BBQ grill on the patio. My husband and I moved into the house my grandparents built and that I grew up in. We had two bedrooms and a two storage units filled with stuff.

But, then we looked in to building. Between building codes and adhering to all the rules, our dream of building a home on land we owned was replaced with the cheaper alternative of purchasing a house that was already built.

So, we got a realtor.

We toured, we did walk-thrus, we discussed paint colors, and neighborhoods, and mortgage payments.

Thirty days from closing, I looked at my husband and asked if — to have this house — I would have to work 40 hours a week for the rest of my life?

He said, “Yes.”

My heart sank and my blood pressure rose. After discussing our future and the life we wanted to have, we decided staying in our little space was better for our lives, our health, our well-being, and just about everything else.

Our little space. 🙂 It makes my heart sing just to say it.

Now it’s not all that little to me. In fact, I think it’s too big now. I keep accumulating stuff because I have a place to put it! I think we are at about 1,000-square-feet of space. Our space consists of:

  • A kitchen (the converted dining room – I’ll go more in to our minimalist kitchen in a later post.)
  • A living area
  • Two bedrooms
  • A dressing area
  • A bathroom

All we need. And, I’m so happy we made this decision. I will be posting more about our simple-living, tiny-home lifestyle soon. Sure,  some will think our 1,000-square-feet is HUGE, and to me it is, too! But, the traditional American dream is certainly now our own, so I felt I needed to share our journey.

Do you feel you have too much space? Or, do you need more? Click on the comment link above and tell us all about it.

Be blessed!

~Bohemian Christian Chelle