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Day 353 of Donate:365 — Time is Running Out

As my journey winds down, I’m still finding more and more things to get rid of. But, today, I may be considered a re-gifter, or maybe a…

re-donator (or, is it re-donater?)

You see, I already donated these items, or  least thought I did. I carefully placed these items in a box and put them in the trunk of our car in hopes of taking them to the donation site.

And, then they got pushed back inside the trunk.

Waaaaay back.

So far back that when my husband started packing for our recent camping trip, he brought the box back into the house.


Experience my horror when I realized this was a box of already donated items that had never been donated. To make it even worse — it’s all BOOKS! *insert blood-curdling scream here*

And, then it happened. That inkling. That yearning. That nagging feeling that I should look through the box just in case I need anything.

I will not do it! I cannot do it!

I left the box alone. Breathing a sigh of relief, I reevaluated my donation strategy and realized that I’m going right by a place tomorrow. Off to donate I go!

For real this time.

I think as a simple-living minimalist the hardest part is saying no to items I do not need. I don’t have to take it just because someone offers it to me. It is really okay to say no.

So for tonight, just say no. Say no to clutter. Say no to stress. And, breathe a sigh of relief that you don’t have any more stuff.

Be blessed, you guys!



Day 352 of Donate:365

As my Donate:365 journey comes to a close, I’ve been reminiscing about some of the things I’ve gotten rid of in the last 352 days.

More books

I’m not even sure where to start, I have something to tell y’all. I have so much more to give away. I feel like I’m a hoarder. But, I still have this inkling — this obsession — with getting a house one day. And, when you have a house, you have room for stuff. Not too much stuff. But, at least I’d have places for the stuff I have. Maybe. If not, then I will give it away.

I’m really discouraged about our bedroom. It’s like mayhem, chaos and discouragement all had a baby and our bedroom is the maternity ward. Stuff is everywhere. It’s depressing and discouraging, but I will get through this! One item at a time! That’s what Donate:365 is all about. Discovery. Discovering who you are. Who you truly are. What you like and dislike, and what means the world to you. That’s what this is all about.

Yesterday, I threw away a little lamp. I adore little lamps! I mean…who doesn’t, right? It was super cute — pink and white glass with a cute little hummingbird with this creepy red bead for an eye. But, it’s little wing (Good night I’ve said little a lot!) broke off and wouldn’t glue back right so in the trash it went! I’m proud of myself. Usually, I would keep it in hopes to repair it one day. But, not any more! It’s Donate:365!

So, if you’re been on this journey with me, please chime in. And, if it’s helped you get rid of stuff, let me hear all about it! Be blessed! And, happy downsizing!


Day 335 of Donate:365

Today I felt compelled to go through my closet. It all started with this post. I went through my entire closet today, and found out a few things…

1) I really like scarves.

2) I evidently like red and black

3) I have a hard time getting rid of clothing.

4) I really like scarves…I mean seriously.

I solely focused on the items hanging in my closet. I’m leaving the scarves to a later date when I can truly see which ones I wear the most. I use them as accessories and wear them instead of necklaces, plus my mom made most of them so — as you can probably guess — those aren’t going anywhere. But, I will find a way to better organize them.

I also left my pajama drawer until next week. I only have one real drawer so that should be easy to tackle.

For today’s challenge, I literally took every item out of my closet and purposefully put it back. Some were easy Yes or No’s. Others, not so much. But, I did it! I have a pile of probably ten items that went immediately to the donation box. Except maybe these two shirts I am hung up on. I may box them up and see if I even think of them over the next three months to go with the challenge. I actually found a shirt stuffed on a shelf in my closet that I totally forgot about proving that “out of sight, out of mind” is so true at my house. I added it to the donation pile without a second glance. I love that!

So now, with my downsized closet, I’ve been thinking up wardrobe combos to best use the items I have in there. I don’t want to be drab, but I definitely don’t want clothes I don’t need busting out my wazoo! That sounds painful!

I also found out that I have a lot of coats. Who knew! I had no idea. Believe me. Doing an inventory of your closet is eye opening.

1) It’s keeps you grounded.

2)Makes you aware of what you have before you buy that next black jacket because you know you already have three at home.

3) Keeps you creative thinking up new ways to wear what you already have.

God is AWESOME! And, I am so glad He has me on this journey! Praise Him! Thanks for everyone’s encouragement on this journey. If you have need encouragement, comment below! I’m here for you!

God bless, y’all!




Day 262 of this blessed journey of Donate:365

Blue Butterfly by Archangel Productions

Sometimes we just gotta sit back and watch how mighty, big, and strong our God is.

I had this huge post ready. I saved it a bazillion times. I had everything spell checked and edited. I even published it. And, when I went to view it…

It was gone.

Only my snazzy title and my sweet little tags remained.

Oh well. Guess God didn’t like that post. LOL

So here I am again to tell you that this journey is amazing. Getting rid of stuff and seeking God is the only way to live. I’m growing closer to God every day as I relinquish my stuff to Him. Today, I’m getting rid of stress. I can’t handle it anymore, and it’s not my burden to bear.

Lord God, I cast all my anxieties on you for you care for me. You bless me. And, wish for me to have an abundant life. I want to walk in strict obedience to your will and your ways. Amen.

I need to call on Him tonight. I have a lot to do. He is stretching me and I love it. TRUST HIM. If you are in a place where God is seriously working in your life all I can say is TRUST HIM. It may be painful. Change usually is. He promises to be by your side. He always is.

He loves us. SO much. He only wants what’s best for us. And, if we truly trust Him and allow His will to be done, He promises to reward us. I want all His rewards.

God bless y’all today. And, keep posting and donating. Chime in in the comments section and let me know how you are doing. I’ve gotten rid of 262 things!!! Can you believe it??!?!?!?


Day 241 of Donate:365

I must say…today I am a little frustrated.

You see. I have too much stuff. Well, actually my family members have too much. I’m so annoyed and frustrated.

I read a brief tidbit of a post yesterday that spoke of walking through your house with boxes and filling them up with everything you don’t use regularly. Then you tape the boxes up for 30 days. At the end of 30 days you see if you actually needed anything out of them. I’m going to try this. I feel the need for a batch cleansing. I can’t handle this anymore. I have donated several things since we last spoke.

Day 236: a headband

Day 237: Green shears

Day 238: Kid’s clothes

Day 238: a yellow tank top

Day 239: A lap desk

Day 240: A book that I’m taking to my church for reference. (Hey! It’s out of our house!)

Day 241: Today. Oh, what shall I get rid of today? Let me look around….

I found it!!! The chair at my vanity lost a screw and somewhat fell apart BEFORE I hilariously fell on my rump. Thank God! So, I replaced it with another chair that I will keep because it was my grandpa’s, which made me think –“Why didn’t I replace it years ago??!?!” I love how God downsizes for me!

I have so much to do. There is always more clothes to wash. Always something to put up. I can’t do this anymore. I am discouraged 😦 But, I will be uplifted soon! Jesus is with me!

God bless y’all! Get rid of one thing today! You will feel better for it!



Day 234 of Donate:365

So much going on!!!!

I donated two blankets to my mom to use for “pet use,” a bunch of Little Girl’s books to our church, and two shirts I found in a misfit pile on the floor.




I love donating!

I have more to donate, but tomorrow is another day. 🙂

I’ve been cleaning, organizing and going through things most of the day. I feel free and useful. I feel like I’m actually getting the hang of this. Like my life is renewing. Like I can now focus on the things that matter and not on all the stuff/junk I need to store. God is good and faithful and awesome. 🙂 Praise HIM!

Keep donating. You WILL get there! I will, too. Sometimes — most of the time — I’ve spent on this journey I didn’t see an end result. I just kept seeing more junk. But, now I see it! I see empty places on the carpet that I no longer have to be concerned about. I can wash my clothes in one load! I can wash Little Girl’s in one load! I know exactly what is in the storage bin at the foot of our bed. I’m getting there. You will, too! Just keep reaching for the goal. 🙂

God bless and be free from your stuff!


Day 222 of Donate:365

I soooooo feel like I should be quoting song lyrics or something inspirations. But alas, words escape me.

If you have any encouraging thoughts, lyrics or sayings to share, please post them. Let’s encourage each other.

I seriously need nicer photos to post, but I’m too lazy to upload them and my camera on my 1st generation Windows phone is simply not all that. They upgraded it to like 40 megapixels on the new one THANK GOD! Probably got a thousand complaints.

For today, I got rid of three things to take me through Monday since I have a bazillion things to do this weekend. If I do end up donating anything extra, I will be sure to let you know by posting a ridiculously terrible photo to my blog and tweeting all about it. LOL

BTW, if you are on twitter, so am I! Let’s connect! @BC_Chelle

So, for today, I’ve passed on a rug, a black shirt (yes, another one.) and a black skirt (yes, another one of those as well.)

Do you see why I need to downsize my closet?

But, I am getting there! I realized today that pretty much everything I have is clean!!!!! Except what I wore this week which mostly consisted of jeans and T-shirts since I was cleaning things out. God is good!

I will continue to go through things of course. And, I fear part of my closet has turned into the Bermuda Triangle so a search and recovery mission will commence next week.

I can feel the burden continuously lifting. Praise God. May He guide me in the process of freedom from my junk!

Be blessed, y’all!

Mercy, peace and love be yours in abundance. ~Jude 1:2