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Day 357 – ish of Donate:365

I’ve been so busy! It’s been good around here. I finally tackled our bedroom, and if you didn’t know, it was CRAZY. Well, I tackled our desk that I should have gotten rid of already, but no one with a truck would/could pick it up. So, my plan for this week is to ask my friend to help me drop it off, then I can mark that off my list. šŸ™‚

That will make me happy. I’ve been super busy, and tomorrow is another day. I acquired two beautiful barn-wood shelves so that should help with some of the clutter I’m dealing with. You know — those papers and books you have to keep? Need a place to store them! Some clutter is required, but at least I can make it look pretty.

My journey is almost over! Then I have big news! Stay tuned!