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DIY Lotion via Frugal Green Girl

I must admit, I usually tweak recipes. Mostly because I have to use trial and error due to inferior explanations.

Not with this one.

If you are a wannabe simple living expert like me, then you must check out Frugal Green Girl on YouTube. Her video’s are exceptional and her directions are flawless.

Today, I made homemade lotion thanks to Frugal Green Girl! Enjoy!

*My Special Tip: Use a 2-cup measuring cup. When your water reaches 120 degrees, pour your water into your oil until it reaches the 2-cup mark. This gives perfect lotion consistency IMO. Adjust as you see fit 😉



Donate:365 – Day 364

Tomorrow marks my one-year anniversary of Donate:365. Wow! What a journey! To see where it all began, click here.

With this challenge coming to a close, I’ve been contemplating what to do next. I’m praying about that now, and tomorrow will post the next leg of this adventure. I’m ready and excited!

Although I haven’t posted every day, I have given away, trashed or donated well more than 365 items. That was my goal, and I completed it! Praise Jesus! Without God on this journey I would have failed. Without His pushes and gentle nudges I wouldn’t have completed this goal. God is awesome. You can do all things through Him who gives you strength. (Philippians 4:13)

Be blessed, you guys! Stay tuned! Tomorrow is Day 365!


Donate 365 – It’s wrapping up!

I can’t believe it! On October 3, 2014, my Donate:365 journey will come to an end. But, I still feel it is only the beginning!

I did it! This journey started not only to declutter our home, but also to stick with something. You see, I never stick with anything. I don’t see things through. So Donate:365 was a challenge for me in succeeding — to show myself that if I set my mind to something I can do it. And, I did it! I am almost there!

I got the new bookshelves in the house. They are GORGEOUS and serve their purpose perfectly. They added  a rustic touch to my kitchen/dining area that I am quite pleased with. I’m happy 🙂

The old shelf has now become the place for all things important. It’s ORGANIZED! I shout it from the rooftops! And, all of my books and papers have a place now, including Little Girl’s homeschool shelf which now is exactly one shelf and not a spilling-over-papers-falling-out mess! Praise JESUS!

I am happy. Some clutter you need. I need those papers for medical appointments. I needs those photos of dear friends and family. I need my stuff. But, I don’t need it vomiting off my shelves messing up my sanity!

That’s gross. Anyway…

My world is turning brighter. I thank God for this journey He has me on. I’m a better person, mom, wife and friend for it. I am happy. And, ready for the next step to begin on October 4, 2014. Be blessed, you guys!




Day 357 – ish of Donate:365

I’ve been so busy! It’s been good around here. I finally tackled our bedroom, and if you didn’t know, it was CRAZY. Well, I tackled our desk that I should have gotten rid of already, but no one with a truck would/could pick it up. So, my plan for this week is to ask my friend to help me drop it off, then I can mark that off my list. 🙂

That will make me happy. I’ve been super busy, and tomorrow is another day. I acquired two beautiful barn-wood shelves so that should help with some of the clutter I’m dealing with. You know — those papers and books you have to keep? Need a place to store them! Some clutter is required, but at least I can make it look pretty.

My journey is almost over! Then I have big news! Stay tuned!


Day 353 of Donate:365 — Time is Running Out

As my journey winds down, I’m still finding more and more things to get rid of. But, today, I may be considered a re-gifter, or maybe a…

re-donator (or, is it re-donater?)

You see, I already donated these items, or  least thought I did. I carefully placed these items in a box and put them in the trunk of our car in hopes of taking them to the donation site.

And, then they got pushed back inside the trunk.

Waaaaay back.

So far back that when my husband started packing for our recent camping trip, he brought the box back into the house.


Experience my horror when I realized this was a box of already donated items that had never been donated. To make it even worse — it’s all BOOKS! *insert blood-curdling scream here*

And, then it happened. That inkling. That yearning. That nagging feeling that I should look through the box just in case I need anything.

I will not do it! I cannot do it!

I left the box alone. Breathing a sigh of relief, I reevaluated my donation strategy and realized that I’m going right by a place tomorrow. Off to donate I go!

For real this time.

I think as a simple-living minimalist the hardest part is saying no to items I do not need. I don’t have to take it just because someone offers it to me. It is really okay to say no.

So for tonight, just say no. Say no to clutter. Say no to stress. And, breathe a sigh of relief that you don’t have any more stuff.

Be blessed, you guys!


Day 352 of Donate:365

As my Donate:365 journey comes to a close, I’ve been reminiscing about some of the things I’ve gotten rid of in the last 352 days.

More books

I’m not even sure where to start, I have something to tell y’all. I have so much more to give away. I feel like I’m a hoarder. But, I still have this inkling — this obsession — with getting a house one day. And, when you have a house, you have room for stuff. Not too much stuff. But, at least I’d have places for the stuff I have. Maybe. If not, then I will give it away.

I’m really discouraged about our bedroom. It’s like mayhem, chaos and discouragement all had a baby and our bedroom is the maternity ward. Stuff is everywhere. It’s depressing and discouraging, but I will get through this! One item at a time! That’s what Donate:365 is all about. Discovery. Discovering who you are. Who you truly are. What you like and dislike, and what means the world to you. That’s what this is all about.

Yesterday, I threw away a little lamp. I adore little lamps! I mean…who doesn’t, right? It was super cute — pink and white glass with a cute little hummingbird with this creepy red bead for an eye. But, it’s little wing (Good night I’ve said little a lot!) broke off and wouldn’t glue back right so in the trash it went! I’m proud of myself. Usually, I would keep it in hopes to repair it one day. But, not any more! It’s Donate:365!

So, if you’re been on this journey with me, please chime in. And, if it’s helped you get rid of stuff, let me hear all about it! Be blessed! And, happy downsizing!


Donate:365 — Day 338 — Say it with me, “VHS”

Hey, all!

So, today, I had meetings after meetings after meetings. Next, I’m getting rid of meetings. But, before I do…

I’m on Day 338 of Donate:365. New here? Click this link to read about my journey from the beginning.

I’m sitting here thinking about what I got rid of today. Nothing I think. Okay, let me think…

Nope, nothing.

LOL On the Donate:365, I didn’t do much today. But, at least I am reporting in.

Wait! Well, I kinda gave these away yesterday, but I didn’t report in about them.

Say it with me — VHS tapes.

Yes. My family had a plethora of VHS tapes hidden in a drawer. Sad part —  some were really good movies. Even sadder part — What’s a VCR?

Just kidding. But, seriously. I haven’t had a VCR that’s worked in about 15 years. Our six year old did get a brief history lesson on what these giant black rectangles were used for. Let’s just say she was not amused.

So, the bag of forgotten video tapes has now been added to the ginormous pile I need to take by the donation site, when I don’t have a meeting.

Be blessed, you guys! See ya’ll tomorrow!