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Burden-free Living.

I did it.

I blindly saved my life from clutter and burden. With abandon I removed stuff from my life. I did it! I feel free!

And, I plan to stay that way.

Today, after an hour of clicking and clicking, I deleted not one, not two, but 7,000 emails–dating back to 2010.

It’s been weighing on my heart for awhile now. Seeing that dreaded number when I opened my iPad has haunted me for weeks. When you truly see how many emails you have, it’s eye opening. I couldn’t believe it. I’ve been hoarding unread emails for way too long, so today I started from scratch–a new beginning for me in 2015. I’m ready.

I want you to have freedom, too. So, here are some tricks to keeping your email under wraps.

1. Read it and delete it.

I would say a majority of my emails do not need to be kept. Seriously. So, when I read it, I need to delete it. Period.

2. If it’s important, put it in an important folder.

Are you on committees? Have clients? Need to save important things? We all do! Put it in a “folder.” They are easy, fabulous, and you know where to find it later. Be proactive! Stick it in a folder!

3. Unsubscribe

Let’s face it. Right now you have emails in your inbox (maybe from me 🙂 ) that you will never open and never read. (I do hope you read mine!) It’s time to take an inventory of your inbox. What can you politely unsubscribe from?

4. Delete

Just thought this warranted some repetition.

Stuff takes on many different forms, and “digital stuff” is a heavy burden just like too many papers on your desk or too much junk in your closet. I am ridding my life of junk. All kinds.

What’s holding you back? What is a burden for your heart? GET RID OF IT! Be honest with yourself. You have one life, live it. I’m tired of being so stressed that I can’t live life. Are you?

May God bless you richly today.


Donate 365 – It’s wrapping up!

I can’t believe it! On October 3, 2014, my Donate:365 journey will come to an end. But, I still feel it is only the beginning!

I did it! This journey started not only to declutter our home, but also to stick with something. You see, I never stick with anything. I don’t see things through. So Donate:365 was a challenge for me in succeeding — to show myself that if I set my mind to something I can do it. And, I did it! I am almost there!

I got the new bookshelves in the house. They are GORGEOUS and serve their purpose perfectly. They added  a rustic touch to my kitchen/dining area that I am quite pleased with. I’m happy 🙂

The old shelf has now become the place for all things important. It’s ORGANIZED! I shout it from the rooftops! And, all of my books and papers have a place now, including Little Girl’s homeschool shelf which now is exactly one shelf and not a spilling-over-papers-falling-out mess! Praise JESUS!

I am happy. Some clutter you need. I need those papers for medical appointments. I needs those photos of dear friends and family. I need my stuff. But, I don’t need it vomiting off my shelves messing up my sanity!

That’s gross. Anyway…

My world is turning brighter. I thank God for this journey He has me on. I’m a better person, mom, wife and friend for it. I am happy. And, ready for the next step to begin on October 4, 2014. Be blessed, you guys!




Day 353 of Donate:365 — Time is Running Out

As my journey winds down, I’m still finding more and more things to get rid of. But, today, I may be considered a re-gifter, or maybe a…

re-donator (or, is it re-donater?)

You see, I already donated these items, or  least thought I did. I carefully placed these items in a box and put them in the trunk of our car in hopes of taking them to the donation site.

And, then they got pushed back inside the trunk.

Waaaaay back.

So far back that when my husband started packing for our recent camping trip, he brought the box back into the house.


Experience my horror when I realized this was a box of already donated items that had never been donated. To make it even worse — it’s all BOOKS! *insert blood-curdling scream here*

And, then it happened. That inkling. That yearning. That nagging feeling that I should look through the box just in case I need anything.

I will not do it! I cannot do it!

I left the box alone. Breathing a sigh of relief, I reevaluated my donation strategy and realized that I’m going right by a place tomorrow. Off to donate I go!

For real this time.

I think as a simple-living minimalist the hardest part is saying no to items I do not need. I don’t have to take it just because someone offers it to me. It is really okay to say no.

So for tonight, just say no. Say no to clutter. Say no to stress. And, breathe a sigh of relief that you don’t have any more stuff.

Be blessed, you guys!


Day 337 of Donate:365


So, today, it seems I’m just truckin’ along with Donate:365. I have a giant bag of clothes I need to take to the donation place, and I added two scarves and a dress. It’s been a difficult journey at times, but it seems for today anyway, it is easy. I’m focusing on the life I want and what is important to me. In my year of Donate:365 I’ve changed a lot. Not intentionally,

My habits have changed.

My needs have changed.

My wants have changed.

I no longer what it all. In fact, I see myself getting closer and closer to wanting nothing at all.

 Matthew 6:19-21 says…

19 “Do not store up for yourselves treasures on earth, where moths and vermin destroy,and where thieves break in and steal. 20 But store up for yourselves treasures in heaven,where moths and vermin do not destroy, and where thieves do not break in and steal.21 For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.

I want my heart to be with Christ. I want to love people and animals. I want to be free and live life to the fullest.

Jesus says in John 10:10…

10 The thief cometh not, but for to steal, and to kill, and to destroy: I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly.

I want to live life with abundance. Not with abundant “stuff,” but with abundant memories, abundant joy-filled moments, and abundant experiences serving God. He is AWESOME! And, His word is truth. I will serve Him always.

Be blessed tonight! And, get rid of stuff! Tell me about it. Leave a comment.


Day 335 of Donate:365

Today I felt compelled to go through my closet. It all started with this post. I went through my entire closet today, and found out a few things…

1) I really like scarves.

2) I evidently like red and black

3) I have a hard time getting rid of clothing.

4) I really like scarves…I mean seriously.

I solely focused on the items hanging in my closet. I’m leaving the scarves to a later date when I can truly see which ones I wear the most. I use them as accessories and wear them instead of necklaces, plus my mom made most of them so — as you can probably guess — those aren’t going anywhere. But, I will find a way to better organize them.

I also left my pajama drawer until next week. I only have one real drawer so that should be easy to tackle.

For today’s challenge, I literally took every item out of my closet and purposefully put it back. Some were easy Yes or No’s. Others, not so much. But, I did it! I have a pile of probably ten items that went immediately to the donation box. Except maybe these two shirts I am hung up on. I may box them up and see if I even think of them over the next three months to go with the challenge. I actually found a shirt stuffed on a shelf in my closet that I totally forgot about proving that “out of sight, out of mind” is so true at my house. I added it to the donation pile without a second glance. I love that!

So now, with my downsized closet, I’ve been thinking up wardrobe combos to best use the items I have in there. I don’t want to be drab, but I definitely don’t want clothes I don’t need busting out my wazoo! That sounds painful!

I also found out that I have a lot of coats. Who knew! I had no idea. Believe me. Doing an inventory of your closet is eye opening.

1) It’s keeps you grounded.

2)Makes you aware of what you have before you buy that next black jacket because you know you already have three at home.

3) Keeps you creative thinking up new ways to wear what you already have.

God is AWESOME! And, I am so glad He has me on this journey! Praise Him! Thanks for everyone’s encouragement on this journey. If you have need encouragement, comment below! I’m here for you!

God bless, y’all!




Day 262 of this blessed journey of Donate:365

Blue Butterfly by Archangel Productions

Sometimes we just gotta sit back and watch how mighty, big, and strong our God is.

I had this huge post ready. I saved it a bazillion times. I had everything spell checked and edited. I even published it. And, when I went to view it…

It was gone.

Only my snazzy title and my sweet little tags remained.

Oh well. Guess God didn’t like that post. LOL

So here I am again to tell you that this journey is amazing. Getting rid of stuff and seeking God is the only way to live. I’m growing closer to God every day as I relinquish my stuff to Him. Today, I’m getting rid of stress. I can’t handle it anymore, and it’s not my burden to bear.

Lord God, I cast all my anxieties on you for you care for me. You bless me. And, wish for me to have an abundant life. I want to walk in strict obedience to your will and your ways. Amen.

I need to call on Him tonight. I have a lot to do. He is stretching me and I love it. TRUST HIM. If you are in a place where God is seriously working in your life all I can say is TRUST HIM. It may be painful. Change usually is. He promises to be by your side. He always is.

He loves us. SO much. He only wants what’s best for us. And, if we truly trust Him and allow His will to be done, He promises to reward us. I want all His rewards.

God bless y’all today. And, keep posting and donating. Chime in in the comments section and let me know how you are doing. I’ve gotten rid of 262 things!!! Can you believe it??!?!?!?


Day 241 of Donate:365

I must say…today I am a little frustrated.

You see. I have too much stuff. Well, actually my family members have too much. I’m so annoyed and frustrated.

I read a brief tidbit of a post yesterday that spoke of walking through your house with boxes and filling them up with everything you don’t use regularly. Then you tape the boxes up for 30 days. At the end of 30 days you see if you actually needed anything out of them. I’m going to try this. I feel the need for a batch cleansing. I can’t handle this anymore. I have donated several things since we last spoke.

Day 236: a headband

Day 237: Green shears

Day 238: Kid’s clothes

Day 238: a yellow tank top

Day 239: A lap desk

Day 240: A book that I’m taking to my church for reference. (Hey! It’s out of our house!)

Day 241: Today. Oh, what shall I get rid of today? Let me look around….

I found it!!! The chair at my vanity lost a screw and somewhat fell apart BEFORE I hilariously fell on my rump. Thank God! So, I replaced it with another chair that I will keep because it was my grandpa’s, which made me think –“Why didn’t I replace it years ago??!?!” I love how God downsizes for me!

I have so much to do. There is always more clothes to wash. Always something to put up. I can’t do this anymore. I am discouraged 😦 But, I will be uplifted soon! Jesus is with me!

God bless y’all! Get rid of one thing today! You will feel better for it!